Sahra Group Responsibility

Health, Safety and the Environment

Together with our affiliates and associates, we are committed to safeguarding the health and welfare of our staff and the public at all times during our construction activities and all aspects of hazardous operations.

01. Planning

Prior to commencing new operations we always carry out risk assessments to gauge potential health and safety hazards, and work hard to minimise, eliminate or mitigate any adverse effects of our company activity.

02. Compliance

We are fully compliant with health and safety laws and regulations, and in many cases our own procedures exceed the industry standards. All Sahra Group companies and associates are provided with an HSE manual for reference.

03. Responsibility

All our design, construction work and operations are carried out in a safe and responsible manner, supporting health and safety laws and regulations.

04. Communication

We maintain a constant dialogue with our employees and other stakeholders on health and related matters, to ensure the highest level of understanding and compliance throughout the company.

05. Training

We provide all our staff with education and training to support the promotion of health and safety, both within the company and in the public domain.

06. Performance

Our effective health and safety management system sets measurable performance targets to ensure continual improvement.

07. Environment

We actively invest in the protection of the environment, and support a ‘green culture’ among our employees.